Matt Thornton Golf 6R

We ran into Matt on Instagram @built_R and just had to send him a message. 
You don’t see an appearance like this every day. 
And the word project is more than applicable here!
The owner Matt Thornton is 35 years young: 
I’m a vehicle technician for VW Audi approved bodyshop and my role is an MET Technician so basicly strip down and asses damage to accident damaged car of all makes and models order what’s required to get it back to factory finish and then rebuild once repaired and painted, suspension bumpers airbags front panels geometry setups ect. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and started my passion for clean bodywork.

Matt started his passion at 16 years old buying a clapped out jade green mk2 golf gti 16v and fully restoring/modifying it from top to bottom in his parents garage.


Converted the engine to a 2.9vr6 with g60 brakes g60 arches and much more interior fully updated with mk4 gti recaros corrado rear bench and retrimmed engine was tuned with exhaust custom fans ect air filter.


He fully resprayed it original jade green. The rims are Borbet type A 9j deep dish all round sitting on some lovely low coilovers this car had real noise and presence. And ya.. You VAG people know how that sounds. 

Matt: Completing this project spurred me on to do what I do for a living now and gave me the fire in my belly to modify cool cars. 

Matt owned nothing but vw audi group cars they to him they are just mountains better than other brands he owned many in his time. And thats a pretty long list we got from Matt! 


Audi s3 mk1

Audi A3 2.0TDI

Audi A4 saloon 2.0tdi

VW Golf Gti mk2

VW Golf Gti mk4

VW Golf R32 mk5

VW Touareg 3.2 V6

VW Passat 2.0tdi

Seat Ibiza Cupra mk4 IHI Turbo 349bhp

Vw Golf R mk6 553bhp 




What Matt remembers befor the first Golf mk1, is his motorcycles. 

So he tuned up an MV Agust F4 750. 

Matt: That was a real beast, really gave me the speed buzz! 

But rode my luck with that for 4 years and decided I had to sell while I had my life.. 🙂


So when I purchased my dream Golf R mk6 i vowed I’d keep it standard but as you can see that isn’t the case and i was modifying after 2 months chasing that speed thrill the bike gave me. 

We think that worked out fine! 



His 2010 Golf 6R bodywork has had a full Windows out respray with upgraded high quality paint giving it a more glossy finish over factory finish. It shines like a.. full moon. 

Coupled with 25mm wider srs tech wings to accommodate the huge 20″ wheels!

Custom vxr grills smoothed into the rear bumper, smoothed front bumper and widened rear arches new rubbers and glass was replaced to keep everything fresh as new. 

Some great handmade details as you can see.  



The interior of this MK6R has had real carbon trims thrown everywhere possible done by a good friend of him,  @bespokedcustoms. 

Who also done all his carbon gas struts and the air tank base. 

A carbon fibre and alacantra steering wheel, handbrake delete and recaro cs lightweight seat retrimmed in oem wingback style to keep the oem+ vibe he likes. 

The sound system lukly swapped out for many trick Kenwood components make the system what it should be from factory.


The engine has been fully forged along with a built strengthened manual gearbox to handle double the power of stock engine power…’ 

The engine is mounted with Audi RS3 injectors. A LPFP water methanol custom catch can hel oil cooler.

Dont forget about the Nortech g25-660 turbo kit gives the car the boost it needed… Uhh yeah! 

Silicone hoses custom larger boost pipes, full piece cut custom turbo back exhaust by @mad_dp.

Make the note of this 2.0tfsi roar to a staggering 553bhp and 500lbft plenty for a little hatchback that’s stripped around 100kg lighter! 

The suspension has been overhauled with polybushes everywhere possible, uprated arms front and rear, 3h airlift suspension fully setup on wheel alignment tool. 

The rims are oz ultraleggera 20″ in a custom white gold with customised mg line centre locks keeps the motorsport theme going.

The huge brakes are custom made be Matt and a friend, the are Lamborghini Urus 10 pot calipers with rstt mc and pipes to feed them on custom 2 piece 420mm discs with hel braided lines.

The rears are 400mm 2 piece custom discs with Lamborghini 4 pots with hel braided lines with a custom pad.


The handbrake is on electronic custom control box and powers a tesla caliper as the old cable r8 calipers Matt used to run never work properly. 

Matt: So there it is a 9 year project! that has been slowly dome by myself and my own hands with a bit if help from friends. Where needed there will be more I’ve missed but gives you a small insight into hiw much work has gone into the car. 


Well Matt, you made a great and beautiful project!